Car 1

Mr Clive Kelton

Outward appearance

Middle aged man. Grey, short hair. Sharp pale face, no jowls. Wears new, all-black, casual clothes. Fast asleep.

Inside information

Works in Bathroom Paradise, a massive showroom of fixtures and fittings located in railway arches near Waterloo. Was once a hippy, living in Devon. Clive started fitting kitchens to make money. There was not enough of it in rural Devon. He moved to London, and ended up in Paradise.

What he is doing or thinking

He is meditating. Over and over he mentally repeats a mantra -- "I-ying-I-ying-I-ying". This develops concentration and releases tension. It needs releasing: pain and anger coil in his breast. His wife feels trapped and lonely and bored and doesn't understand why they moved back to the Smoke. His two children miss horses and downs. They don't admit it, but they are afraid of some of the children in their school.

His boss has it in for him. Clive does not live the Bathroom Paradise Promise -- A Perfect Fitting Every Time. The stuff is too cheap, is never in stock. Most people buy their taps or their shower heads and pay someone they know to install them. Clive worries how long there will be a job for him.

Only here, on the tube, does he have any time to for himself, time to rest. Then across from him someone growls'll get a fucking knife in the ribs."

The mantra is broken. He opens his eyes to see two men staring at each other. One of them flees.

What am I doing here, he thinks. Could we go back?

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