Car 1

Miss Yoshi Kamimura

Outward appearance

White bulky jacket, lime green trousers, white trainers, pink hair grip. Balances on her lap a glossy pink bag with green polka dots and a plastic shopping bag in which books and papers are jammed.

Inside information

Studying English at Bruenwalt International College. Yoshi is now pregnant and addicted to heroin and moving into her new boyfriend's flat near Elephant and Castle.

What she is doing or thinking

Yoshi lives in a dream. For her nothing in Britain is real -- it is outside Japan. There are Italian fascists in the dorm. They hold pissing competitions in their rooms. She made friends with Swiss students. They stayed out late -- until 11 pm -- and sang in raucous voices on Waterloo Bridge. "London is a wild town," announced a goggle-eyed Swiss girl. Oh, thought Yoshi. One is wild in London.

In all innocence, she tried everything. She is going to have an Italian fascist's baby. She cannot pronounce his first name and does not know his last. Her new boyfriend has many flats, and she has already turned her first trick for him. But he loves her.

She told all this to the College counselor who stared at Yoshi for a moment with wide blue eyes and then passed her a pink business card with Japanese lettering. It offered a Japanese counseling service. "This happens a lot," said the counselor.

The touch of Japan was like a hot hand on a frosted window. Everything melted for a moment and Yoshi could suddenly see clearly. Now she wants frost everywhere, on the dark windows of London Underground.

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