Car 2

Mr Richard Mayo

Outward appearance

Frizzy haired, graying man in tweed jacket, corduroy trousers, tie and jumper. Sits focussing on something on the other side of the dark windows.

Inside information

An EFL teacher at Bruenwalt International College. He joined the staff in the early 80s when the campus was located outside London and still taught humanities. Now located in an old hospital, Bruenwalt sells three-month diplomas in textile marketing, accounts computing, business English et al.

What he is doing or thinking

He's scared. His face no longer fits; he is a 70s left-over in a school full of young, bouncy Filipinos, Brazilians, and Americans who do not identify with him.

He recently sat on an interview board for a new post. George, a contract teacher he likes, was up against the Head of Department's favorite, an MBA with a rodent's cute, sharp face.

His Head lied. He said George had been fired from his last job. Last night, Richard rang George's old employer. Far from being fired, George had been asked to stay, but moved to London to be with his wife.

So how does Richard say to his boss: you slandered someone? Does he say, smiling carefully, uh, you were wrong about George? Only to be told,that would have made no difference to the board's final choice? Should he tell George and violate confidentially? Rocking the boat loses jobs.

Richard thinks of his divorce, the children grown up. He snatches up his battered briefcase to get off at Waterloo and thinks: fuck it.

He'll take it to the Director if he has to.

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