Car 2

Mr Igor Klimov

Outward appearance

Huge, moustached, middle aged, pink cheeked. Dusty jeans, tartan shirt under short leather jacket, work boots. Sits holding a large plastic bottle of Diet Tonic. Smiles dimly.

Inside information

Russian visitor working illegally in Britain. Until yesterday worked with his mate Dimi for an Lebanese builder. The Lebanese worries constantly, keeps checking, keeps changing his mind. This leads to fights. Igor speaks English, badly, so does the Lebanese. There was shouting. Poor Dimi, who Igor will admit has all the brains, was leftout of the conversation. Dimi started drawing on plywood to communicate, which made the Lebanese even more angry. He said he would be happy to have Dimi but not Igor.

What he is doing or thinking

Igor is drinking gin and tonic. He takes a swig of tonic and trades it with Dimi for the bottle of gin. In his current state makes this him feel sophisticated. It is several steps up from potato-derived fermentations.

They have been drinking all night. What else is there to do? Igor has a wife whom he loves dearly, and does not want any of the women in theclubs. But he can speak English and chat them up. Dimi is athletic, tiny with a prick as long as his forearm, hates his bitch of wife but can talk to no one, which leaves him in clubs hopping up and down in frustration.

Igor loves Dimi. Dimi is his only friend, his partner. The gin and the tonic mingle sizzling in his mouth. As long as Dimi can't speak English, he'll need Igor.

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