Car 2

Mr Dimitri Belinkov

Outward appearance

Small, slim but muscular. Short brown hair, jeans, duffel coat, missing teeth. Trades with his neighbour a bottle of gin for a bottle of tonic.

Inside information

A Russian visitor working illegally as a laborer with Igor Klimov. Mr Belinkov is a qualified engineer who once worked for the Army. In Russia, Igor merely supplies the brawn. Here, he has another role to play. He speaks the English and sticks to Dimi. Dimi understands enough English to know their last employer, Mr Haviri, would have kept him on without Igor.

The two of them once drove to Afghanistan to buy shirts. They drank all the way. You could sell the shirts back home at half the normal price and still pay for the trip. And the drink.

What he is doing or thinking

That Igor is a leech. Dimi laughs to see the huge stupid peasant who has succeeded in sticking to him and taking half his money. It is Dimi who solves the problems, works out dimensions, thinks of new ways to do the same job more simply.

He laughs because what else can you do? At the factory back home, the orders dried up. The Bosses gave the partnership a six-month holiday -- with no pay.

Dimi once played football, he had ambitions to be a professional sportsman. He studied engineering. He had hopes. Now he is a spectacle, without respect, drunk on an early morning train. The faces of the other passengers pass him in a swirl and Dimi has no idea what to do, which way Out might be.

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