Car 2

Mr Michael Jerome

Outward appearance

Tall black man in dark grey clothes and thick soled shoes. He slumps against the partition, glaring at the drunks next to him.

Inside information

Works as a bus driver at Waterloo depot. Suffering from severe sleep deprivation.

What he is doing or thinking

Michael has lived in the same flat in Camden town for 14 years. It is right on Camden Road on a corner over a shoe shop. Everything should be fine. But what happens? The shoe shop puts in a burglar alarm, doesn't it, they have so many thieves. Right outside his bedroom window. So Michael and his wife wake up night after night with the bloody alarm ringing. And nobody comes. They just leave it.

So it's four in the morning. The thing has gone off once before already. He rings up the police who say they can't do anything if the person with the key won't wake up and come around. Finally they get the owner in but he slips away before there can be words. Everything settles down, it's all quiet and Michael just about gets to sleep when the alarm goes off again.

Something snapped. Michael went to his tool box and leaned out of his window and hit the bloody thing with a hammer. He banged and banged and finally the thing falls right off the wall. They'll know it's him, but they should have fixed it.

Michael snuggles down into himself and dreams of caressing the smooth flesh of his wife, ample like clouds in heaven. He sinks down into deep and cushioned sleep.

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