Car 2

Mrs Mary al-Masudi

Outward appearance

Mid-fifties, old-fashioned East Ender viewed through a lens of money. Cream-coloured coiffed hair, pleated skirt, beige waterproof, and sky blue shoes. Wide watery eyes and a child's sigh.

Inside information

A bigamist. Her husband is a Kuwaiti businessman who simply has a second wife. They met at a Star Trek convention. He was dressed as Spock. She kept the ears as souvenir.

Her neighbours firebombed her house. She now lives in Bayswater with the other wife, whom she quite likes if only she spoke English. Mary brought with her eight cats and her dog, Muffin.

She fills her days. She takes opera singing lessons. The other wife listens politely as Mary performs "Baubles Bangles and Beads" and "Don't Cry for Me Argentina". Now going to the Multi-Use Resource Centre near Lambeth North where she does work for the Asian Women's Group who seem not entirely sure why she is there.

Mary walks through life as if on water. Her husband, who loves magic and fantasy, finds this delightful.

What she is doing or thinking

Mary is terribly worried because her dog thinks he's a cat. Nobody else seems to care. Muffin's hair is starting to fall out. He doesn't bark but tries to miaow. This results in kind of extended coughing fit.

Her husband's relatives seem to think there is something amusing about it. She's tried talking to the ladies in the Asian Women's Group, but couldn't quite make herself understood. She is most concerned Muffin should fall in love with a cat, and ... you know.

Someone might firebomb the house again.

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