Car 1

Mr Jason Luveridge

Outward appearance

Late teens, black male. Slumped in green baggy track suit, American sports jacket and baseball cap. Looks resentful, staring ahead.

Inside information

Jason's mother saved enough money to send one of her children to St Paul's School. This is resented by her other children who make fun of him when he wants to hear classical music or watch Panorama.. He still thinks his mother made the right decision. Jason is academically gifted. He wants to write a thesis on Charles Dickens.

His clothes are camouflage. He expects to wear camouflage all his life.

What he is doing or thinking

Jason has been struck with love for Passenger 3, Deborah Payne. He does not know that he will always be attracted to older women. All he knows is that she looks pretty, clever, concerned. He is already dreaming of marriage to her.

A wife like that would show what he was -- smart, caught between worlds. She's not some daft Sharon, or prejudiced. She'd be too business-like for that. She's what I want, he realizes. A business woman with soul.

He was going home, to Elephant and Castle. Instead, he follows Deborah out into Waterloo station. He is heartsick, hands jammed into his pockets, knowing he probably won't talk to her, knowing she would find this creepy.

Then she stops a man on the platform and cries. "You don't need to die!" Wow. That does it, this woman is special.

"Excuse me," says Jason. " I don't normally do this, I'm shy. But. Can I ask you out?" The man and woman stare at him, open-mouthed.

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