Car 2

Ms Corrine Tracy

Outward appearance

Stylish black woman, late 20s. Long one-piece dress in a brown herringbone pattern, brown overcoat with hood, matching flat-heeled boots. Hair short, combed forward, simple gold earrings. Handbag on floor.

Inside information

Works for Winona Hairdressers just behind the Elephant and Castle. She is now the only hairdresser left in the shop, which is seeing hard times.

What she is doing or thinking

Why does everyone assume a black hairdresser can only do black hair? Corrine has photographs of white ladies in her window as well. She's grateful to her black customers, but there aren't enough of them. She spends the better part of most working days staring into space. She is so bored.

She's taken to designing toys, with some success. Leap Frog was a spring-driven wooden toy that jumped. Her brother managed to sell the patent for that. She has been trying to design Scissors Crab, a plastic crab with goofy eyes on springs and pincers that can cut paper. The problem has been safety.

Corrine muses on other useful things the pincers could do -- like knit. Very suddenly something moves inside her head. She sees the pincers weaving hair, spinning strands, making braids.

People buy cornrows, they spend hours braiding them, it costs a fortune.... Corrine covers her mouth. A patented hair-braider! Inexpensive, do it yourself at home. She reaches into her hand bag to pull out her notebook. It isn't there. She pauses, then decides. Sod the job, she's getting back to her design pad. She stands up to get off at Lambeth North instead of the Elephant.

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