How often have you been embarrassed when serious fiction is discussed at the office?

Employers expect the modern executive to hold his own during literary discussions.

So do discerning social circles. You're at a dinner party. Your partner for the evening says "Forrest Gump is a Christ symbol." You realise that you have missed the point again.

End literary embarrassment forever

253 uses the miracle of information technology to ensure that you can follow the main themes and relationships that link the text. Without even having to remember who the characters are!

Simply purchase an Internet service agreement. Install six separate pieces of software and then configure them. It's so easy there aren't even any manuals. Instant answers to your questions are available from your Internet Service helpline through the miracle of e-mail. Unless of course your e-mail isn't working yet. In that case, just go through your modem, using Hayes modem language.


You're ready to "surf" the Web.

Simply key in "" and if lines are available and the server is working, you will have time to read a few Web pages before the connection goes down. All for the price of a very long phone call!

What could be easier?

Impress friends and colleagues!

Just imagine the boss's face when you tell him "I've read 253, the novel for the Internet." He will look at you through new eyes. So will your partner for the evening.

253 - a world of success and romance could be yours for the price of phone call.

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