Become a writer in your spare time!

In just a few hours a day, you too can become a writer. 253 shows you how.

Every passenger in 253 has a number that is his or hers alone. And every section has 253 words. This means that:

each character
has his or her own word
in every section.

Put all these words together -- and you have made a monument to your favorite 253 character.

Here's how it works.
Let's take passenger number 9, Mr Keith Olewaio.

All you have to do is take the 9th word from each section. If you put together Keith's words for Car One only, it reads like this:

Even under short suit sits and of carefully jokes his black brown make brown big she jacket tinted power someone is eyes pink face long face T his rural track haired grey with open ears jacket very.

Surrealistic !

Do that for each of the seven cars, and you will have a new 253-word section in honor of Mr Keith Olewaio. In the privacy of your own home, you will have:

treated words as things,
moved them into place
and counted them.

That is all that writers do! That's all there is to it. Try it next time you want to write a business letter or instructions for the general public. Write a poem and see if it really is any different from the 253 method. You'll have a fun hobby and will impress your friends. But remember, the one thing you will not do is

Earn big !!!!!

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