Car 2

Ms Annie Jeanrenaud

Outward appearance

Frizzle-haired, large lady of about 45 in a long batik dress, oatmeal jumper nearly to her knees, and mauve, quilted coat. Rifles through a Hessian bag. Pulls out a final warning in red, various tube passes, and a rumpled envelope.

Inside information

Teaches life drawing at Merely College. Loves it, economizes, eats little, remains large, and has many middle-aged boyfriends, which on the whole seems enough. Her large cheekbones, her narrow eyes (shortsighted) and ironic grin make her most natural expression one of merriment. Has recently had tests for a lump in her womb. This evening she's meeting the art class for drinks.

What she is doing or thinking

The letter is xeroxed. The salutation and ending are handwritten.

"Dearest, Dearest Annie
If you should hear that something has happened, I would like you to have this letter. It thanks you for the years of friendship and support you have given to me and my work. Sometimes life is strange rather than wonderful. Sometimes it is wonderful.

"Don't believe any rumours you may hear about me. There are people who will stop at nothing to discredit the author of work that does not express what they themselves see or feel.

"Thanks for all the evenings at the Rose and Crown!!!
"Love, June."

June is a sculptress of Annie's age. Annie sees her thick mop of grey hair, the strange mask of the face after plastic surgery.

Annie knows then: June has killed herself. She leaps up, as if to prevent it. Then she remembers: the letter has been in her bag for weeks.

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