Car 3

Ms Sara Ivanovic

Outward appearance

Pretty American student. Blonde hair, spotless causal clothes. Eyes glisten with amusement, as a man sits on an old lady, and then on her neighbour.

Inside information

Studying hotel management at Bruenwalt International College. It's important to have experience of other cultures if you want to run a good hotel. European management styles are really weird, but kinda interesting too.

Today was an optional visit to the Radish Edwardian Hotel at Heathrow which is where Sara stayed when she first arrived, so it seemed kinda a waste, so she's watching Mind the Gap instead with a girl from her class, Miguela.

What she is doing or thinking

It's really neat. These actors do routines on the tube. They're in some kinda trouble with the fuzz. At the next station, they all have to get out. Sara bounces out onto the platform with Miguela. And the Director just runs away up the stairs, looking like an ostrich. The poor actor is left explaining to the police, "We're a theatre company." Sara thinks this is the funniest of all.

"Its true... it's true," Sara tells the cop, helplessly giggling, "Everything this guy told you is true!" She lets the cop have it, full blast, the eyes, the smile, the blaze of being a young American.

The old cop narrows his eyes, like a horny old elephant. Sara thinks: I'm young, I'm sexy, I'll just do this until you get bored and let us go. The radio squawks, his young partner takes it.

"Which train, repeat, which train ?" The young cop asks. He sounds worried.

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