Car 3

Mr Geoff Ryman

Outward appearance

Tall, ravaged, nervous-looking middle aged man in tourist dress. Stands up to peer at the Tube map opposite his seat. At Embankment the doors rumble shut and he sits back down on top of an elderly passenger.

Inside information

An amateur actor on holiday from his day job, taking part in a performance of Mind the Gap. Paying customers follow the comedians from station to station as they perform. In this routine, he is supposed to stand up from his seat, while another member of MtG takes it. The art is to sit without looking backwards.

What he is doing or thinking

To his horror, Geoff discovers that he has sat on top of a real passenger. The man opposite him roars with laughter. Geoff's ears burn. This is the first time he has taken the lead idiot role, and he had not counted on how embarrassing it is. He stands up, hits his head on the rail, and sits on top of Ben, the leader of troupe, on whom he should have sat. More laughter.

Then the police arrive. It must have been the tie and scissors routine, that scares people. Ben just sits there. Ben, say something!

Questions race. Is this legal? Do LT know? Geoff finds he has no answers. They all have to get off at Lambeth North, and, instead of helping, Ben flees up the steps.

Ben, don't leave me !

" We.. I'm.. I'm sure we have a letter of permission."

"Good," says the policeman. "Where is it?"

The train rolls out for Elephant and Castle.

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