Car 3

Mrs Doris McPherson

Outward appearance

Brown waterproof, brown bow legs, flat shoes, transparent hood tied over a helmet of tightly woven white hair.

Inside information

Winner of the St Hagis Evening Gazette's London Winter Getaway Prize. It's all laid on. A week at the Savoy. Very nice. Doris is down with her friend Cynthia, who's poorly this morning. Doris is off to see an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery: German Romanticism. Not too sure what it is. Doris is a catlover, and has left her seven cats in a cattery back home.

What she is doing or thinking

She gets on at the Embankment, only to be sat on by a very tall young man. Well, it was an honest mistake. He gets up straightaway and hits his head, and sits down on someone else. Must be terribly embarrassing for him, poor lad. Everyone laughs. They're ever so cheerful in London, not at all like what everyone says.

Her stop comes up and Doris stands and nods and smiles. "Any time you want to sit on my knee, feel free," she says to the young man. As she gets off, a policemen gets on and says hello, so she grins back.

On the platform, amid the gush of people who know where they are going, she is lost. She sees a woman near her own age, Passenger 80. "Excuse me," Doris asks, "do you know the way to the Hayward Gallery?"

"I'm going there myself," says the woman. By the time they help each other to the top of the stairs, they've got onto the subject of cats.

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