Car 3

Professor Lawrence Timmins

Outward appearance

A big man, broad-shouldered, approaching retirement. Wears a checked shirt, cream slacks, new white sneakers, sky-blue fisherman's hat. Grins in Cheshire-cat fashion, holding the hand of the passenger next to him.

Inside information

Professor of business studies at the University of California at Irvine. To keep his hand in, Larry produced an interactive multimedia training package on producing multimedia training packages. It was a perceived niche market. Treating himself and his wife to a trip abroad on the proceeds. Played high school football in the jacket worn by Passenger 38.

What he is doing or thinking

Feeling proud that he spotted Mind the Gap in Time Out.

It's fun. One of the actors whispers to you the next destination and herds you all into the same carriage. Then they start doing their routines. Like asking everybody else directions to Edgeware or borrowing someone's newspaper and cutting out the pictures without asking them first.

Larry gets over to the UK when he can. But it's strange. Things are obviously better since Thatcher took over, but it seems there's less and less reason to come over. Everything's so American, or, like the BBC, the best of it's in America anyway. They can see Andrew Lloyd Weber at home.

Things like this will have to go. Figure they got only four people paying 5.00 each. Twenty pounds for a morning's work? That's only about 30 bucks. There's three of them, so do some of them volunteer or something?

Now there's cops. Are the cops part of the deal too? Larry looks at his wife and roars with laughter.

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