Car 6

Mr Henry Fisher

Outward appearance

Tall, beefy, raw-fingered ex-public schoolboy in conventional pinstripe suit and sensible shoes. Standing up, eyes closed, smiling. Purple port-wine stain across his forehead, right eye and cheek.

Inside information

Civil servant working in the MOD. His normal exit is Embankment. Got on the tube at Paddington, which was packed. He fell asleep standing up.

What he is doing or thinking

In a reverie of Jenny. They met at a party of his cousin's and knew each other for quite a while before he got the courage to ask her out. Finally his cousin told him to get a move on. To his surprise Jenny replied yes, without hesitation.

It was like the torment of university all over again. Henry didn't know what to do. He ended up taking Jenny to the Savoy, with its mirrored dining room over the river with the hundred-year old dance band in the corner. Jenny said she'd always wanted to see it, and with a pixilated grin, toured its bars, hat-checks, and theatre lobby. The bill came to 200.

After that, he treated her to nachos and movies. Nothing else. All his life, you see: his face.

Last night, Jenny coaxed him back into her flat and they made love. Henry was still a virgin, but it made no difference. Pent-up energy or something. They seemed to roll all night long in clouds of each other.

A woman shouts. "Leave it!" Henry jerks awake: Good Lord, Lambeth North.

He jumps through the doors just in time. And thinks of Jenny.

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