Car 4

Ms Anita Mazzoni

Outward appearance

Floppy velvet hat, black bangs, red lipstick, Gothic pallor, bovver boots, charcoal stockings. Sits smiling slightly, legs crossed.

Inside information

Works for a small commercials production house behind Merely College. Her boss is an ex-academic who gets nervous in presentations and nervous around her. She likes making people nervous.

She's an unusual girl. She would have been on the Marchioness the night of the disaster, but a last minute liaison meant she was otherwise engaged. Her mother dated Mick Jagger; was briefly famous as a model, and went out with John Noakes of Blue Peter fame. Anita inherited this capacity for effortless notoriety. Her friend Ruth did a portrait of Anita for a degree show. It won a prize, and she ended up on posters all over the Underground.

What she is doing or thinking

Anita loves herself. She is about to embark on another escapade. The Big Issue salesman at Waterloo is a real hunk. She's been chatting him up for weeks, getting off one stop early. Today she's going to tell him: don't be homeless, come live with me and be my sex slave.

His name is Antonio. He's from Italy, and is so much more interesting than English men. He's an actor and worked in New York for years which is why he speaks with an American accent. Antonio came over here for a show. It went bust, which is why he's on the skids. Anita knows people who could help him.

She thinks: who else but me would have an affair with a Big Issue salesman?

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