Car 6

Mr Jim Haigh

Outward appearance

Young, with floppy hair shaved at the sides, blue jeans, blue-tartan shirt, big new soft boots.

Inside information

Administrative gopher for Nexus Productions.

Jim is not ambitious. All he wants is a regular job that will give him enough money to buy some clothes, some dope, some free time. He keeps trying to plan a trip to India. He doesn't remember much about the last one.

What he is doing or thinking

Fuming about a woman at work, Anita. Jim tries to be friendly with everyone. He was pleased when Anita suddenly said, "Jim, you go home by Dillons don't you? Do you think you could pick up a book for me?" He thought she was asking as friend, and was happy to help. He went to Dillons and bought the book with his own money.

Yesterday, when he gave it to Anita, she didn't even look back around from her desk. He told her the price, and she said, "Well, claim it from expenses."

He was so surprised, he just walked away. His own boss refused as it's not out of his budget, and Anita's boss said she knew nothing about it.

Anita was just too important to do her own shopping. She tricked him into being her gopher, and she plainly won't pay him the money unless he nags her. He remembers as he walked away that she smiled with satisfaction.

Being nice doesn't work. Did he ever think it did? He prods the numb spot in his soul that doesn't want anything and fears for his future.

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