Car 6

Mr Rick Juniper

Outward appearance

Young businessman in a blue suit and Frank Church shoes, sits shell shocked, staring. Starts twirling his hair and yawning.

Inside information

Recently promoted to Four-Colour Manager at TipTop Printing, east of Waterloo. All was fine until his current assistant, Lola, started work.

Lola is possibly the most beautiful woman in the world. This is not good for Rick's composure. Lola is married, American, in Britain for a year while her husband finishes his postgrad work. She's like a filled-out Audrey Hepburn: leggy, brunette, confident, jolly. And given to wearing skin-tight black leggings.

What he is doing or thinking

He'll resign. He's just not suited for the job. He can't control his own space. Jools, the Dutch guy, sits on Rick's desk, ignores him, and jokes with Lola for hours.

Clients call to see how their work is progressing. Lola gives them coffee. They stay all afternoon, in gradually increasing numbers, flicking ash. Rick's boss hangs mournfully over Lola, reminiscing about his days in a rock band. He gives Rick basilisk stares and asks why he doesn't have any work to do.

After a drunken lunch, Bollocks (an amateur rugby player) actually stuck his hand up Lola's skirt. Rick threw him out. Lola chuckled at him. "I don't need you to look after me."

Anybody else would politely but firmly see all of them out of his room. Rick has to get up at 6.00 am to catch the train from Petersborough and is seriously wondering if it's worth it. He yawns and retreats into a quiet snooze.

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