Car 6

Mr Stan Gray

Outward appearance

Carefully groomed older man, wavy silver hair, computer-salesman gray suit, blue overcoat, rotund tummy. Sits frozen with a smile pressed so tightly that is almost frown.

Inside information

Owner of Buntley Coachworks and Pru Waverly's boss. He may just have successfully framed one of his employees for murder.

What he is doing or thinking

Would it have happened at all without Andy? He came up with the idea for the joke, a tape of two women planning to kill another and played so that Pru would think it was a real crossed line. Stan's ears pricked up at the word murder. "I'll go along with it," Stan said. "If you supply the tape."

Stan wouldn't have gone ahead if the tape hadn't made plain it was a woman who would be killed. One of women talking on the tape was Andy's wife.

Stan had two days to steal Andy's things: a cigarette lighter with his initials engraved on it, and the 27-inch waist Y-fronts from his workout bag.

They'll be found under the sofa and behind Stan's own bed on which his wife will lie still, after lunchtime today when he nips home with wire and tape. After he rings the police tonight.

Will he be able to weep for the cameras? Will he hell. He goes on sexual binges, drinking binges, he's found, our Stan, that he can do anything necessary.

And Andy or his wife or both will go down. Stan allows himself to grin.

On the platform he is able to say, lightly, "Hello, Pru."

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