Car 6

Ms Leone Skerrit

Outward appearance

Leonine older woman, with a mane of streaked hair. Carefully made up. Red jacket. Small suitcase. Glances at her watch.

Inside information

Leone was a Bond Girl. In Goldfinger , she lounges around the Miami pool and lowers her sunglasses as hairy-chested Sean Connery walks past. She was in The Liver Birds , two Carry On films and Confessions of a Window Cleaner , playing an aging masseuse. She calls herself a one-woman barometer of the fall of the British film industry.

Late in life she showed a talent for understanding technical briefings. Today she demonstrates cellphones at a temporary stand in the concourse of Waterloo Station. Special offer: only ten pounds for the phone and your first three months of non-international calls free.

She is nearly late, but elegantly as always.

What she is doing or thinking

About her grandchild who is coming to stay on the weekend. It will give her daughter Jemima and her new man a rest. Which is what Leone will need one herself when the weekend is over.

Leone lies about her age: she says she's 45 which is old enough. She's 52. At the end of the day grinning at potential buyers she feels like a death's head. Her feet ache, her knees hurt.

Jaimie will want to walk in the park and be taken to see The Lion King . He is a bright, pretty little spark, and makes her feel grateful for what she's got.

It's all worth it. Jemima has just landed a small part. She's a Russian bar girl in Goldeneye .

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