Car 6

Mrs Dodie McGinlay

Outward appearance

Professional woman, all in black, knees neatly together. Shiny, childlike shoes with buckles. Large legs in black tights. Slightly straggly face between gold spirals of hair.

Inside information

Works in Pall Mall Oil, supervising orders and invoices for the company's helicopter fleet. Her eldest son Dave wants to be a helicopter pilot. So does she.

Dodie is Captain of the Netbusters women's football team. They are top of their league and have a big game this Saturday.

Dodie has pulled Catherine, an aging player, out of the starting line up. Last season Cath was scoring brilliantly. In the game against the Girl Pipers, Dodie fed her, Cath dummied, cut inside the Pipers' defence and bent a superb shot round Relper into the top corner.

But Cath started doing benders of a different kind, burning the candle at both ends, and her game went right off. A spell on the benches might just focus her thinking.

What she is doing or thinking

Wondering what to do. Cath and Dodie have been an item. Cath's a big, raw Irish girl with a mouth, and she warned Dodie in no uncertain terms.

If she's pulled, she'll bring a case of sexual harassment.

Dodie considers her husband. He plays in his matches while she plays in hers. A peck on the cheek, teenage children: it's a settled life.

She imagines the scandal, the embarrassment. She has just learned that football is the most important thing in her life. But she'll have to betray it for that life.

Glum, she stands, admitting defeat. Cath will start.

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