Car 6

Mr Benjamin Posthate

Outward appearance

Fiercely red, thinning hair over pinched red face, grey suit, metal-edged square briefcase.

Inside information

Communications officer for Sum Total, the insurance company who insures Amina Khatun's store. On his way to express his unhappiness with the Cut Health Centre, a one-stop health advice shop.

What he is doing or thinking

He'll withdraw funding from the Centre if they don't shape up. People do not understand that it's not his job to do good works, but to promote Sum Total. The Centre seems ashamed of being sponsored. ST's logo is hidden away on the lower corner of one window; ST's health leaflets are not given precedence in displays. There's nothing that says: Sum Total paid for this.

He'll tell them straight. Either ST's event contractor takes over the design and stock control of the Centre or he'll demand compensation.

It's not as if there aren't plenty of venues. That very nice girl he met from the Florence Nightingale Museum, for example. Now she had her head screwed on. She knew exactly what was wanted. Corporate entertainment facilities with priority booking for sponsors; a permanent exhibition of ST's role in health care, a constant flow of visiting health professionals plus students just entering the insurance market...

What if the Museum were a better deal? This would be the time to cut the Centre off.

He gets off one stop early at Waterloo, and looks up her mobile number. Warrington, that's it. He dials.

A far better bet. Easy on the eye as well.

Her phone seems to be switched off.

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