Car 7

Mrs Emily Jenkins

Outward appearance

Mid thirties, old fashioned long hair in sweeping curls, blue jumper and slacks, navy blue coat, flowers by her bag. The flowers are brown at the edges. Writing in a card with great deliberation.

Inside information

Housewife. There still are some. Her husband is the manager of a Renault dealership. Going to St Thomas' hospital to visit her sister. Her sister is dying, but doesn't know it.

What she is doing or thinking

It's taken Emily all the way from Harrow to write the card.

My dearest Rhona
Wishing you all the best, my darling, on your 28th birthday. I hope you have an absolutely fab day and year. It can only be better than the last one!

She wants to write, I remember you as my pretty little sister. I remember taking you to see Starlight Express, and your eyes going big and round. I drove you up to university and I was so proud of you, Clever Clogs. Emily wants to write: Mum and Dad still live in the 60s; I don't like my husband; you're the only one I can rely on, Pet.

She had to buy the flowers at the station in a hurry. They're dying too.

"Would you like to dance?" an old lady asks someone. And someone agrees. The gentleman opposite takes out a bottle of whisky.

"I'd love some," says Emily. The whisky is harsh and warm in her throat. Somehow Emily goes past Waterloo. She gets out at Lambeth North, laughing with the old man. She looks at the flowers.

And they're fresh.

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