Another One along in a Minute

Unlike authors, God is inexhaustible.

God fills not just one train, but one after another, and the station concourses above, and the towering buildings on the streets overhead, floor on floor.

Immediately behind this train is another. It is stalled in a tunnel, like so many of us are in life. The passengers wait, wondering why the train is not going forward. No one can leave, no one can enter. It sits still for five minutes.

This makes a total of three hundred seconds. Interactivity replaces curiosity about time with curiosity about space (though both are ultimately the same thing). The question is not: what happens next? but where will we go next?

Another One along in a Minute pays tribute to stalled time by describing each character in 300 words, one for each second of time.

Together, we are inexhaustible. Populate Internet with people you imagine. Click here to email your 300-word contribution to Another One Along in a Minute

What will your characters do in that five minutes? Talk to neighbours? Read their papers? Complete their crosswords? Imagine that there has been a nuclear attack?

No money will be made from this sequel. Copyright will rest with you. The editor reserves the right not to publish, or to suggest amendments. You must undertake that no one will be slandered by your text and accept full responsibility for the material you submit.

The earliest entries for Another One along in a Minute have arrived. Apologies to their authors: a new site to hold them is in preparation. .

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