Car 3

Mr George Aristidou

Outward appearance

Heavy subcutaneous beard. Hair still in streaks from the comb. Big blue duffel coat with horn barrel buttons, very thick trousers: possibly another pair underneath. Stares fixedly at the empty seat opposite him.

Inside information

Mechanic. Used to repair milk floats for a milk delivery company. It was bought by a rival and then closed down. George now works for Lambeth Council's own vehicle repair establishment near Lambeth North tube.

What he is doing or thinking

George is reading an ad for London Transport, one of the latest in a campaign to stop fare-dodging.

A few weeks ago a milkman doing his rounds in Acton was confronted by a pregnant woman. She explained that she was feeling completely exhausted and would appreciate a lift down the street. He helped her into his milk float and took her all the way home. After waving him goodbye, she gave birth to an 8 lb Sainsbury's bag....

The text is framed by a surround of white milk bottles. The point of it is that some people will have to try other dodges now that LT is getting so strict about fares.

George wants to kill someone at London Transport. Don't they realise what happened to the milk floats? Don't they realise how many men lost their jobs, how many men still don't have work, how long it took him to find a job? He pictures some berk in a linen suit in an advertising agency thinking he's clever.

As the train pulls into Waterloo he stands up and tears the cardboard poster out of its frame.

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