Car 3

Mrs Camilla Burke-Harris

Outward appearance

Julie Andrews gone British. Short hair, forceful face, pleated grey dress, vermilion jacket, pearl earrings. Holds up wire-rimmed glasses to the light, cleans them, and goes back to documents spread out on her briefcase.

Inside information

Director of the Small Bosses Syndicate.

What she is doing or thinking

Redrafting a paper on the SBS's case against charity shops.

A review of retailers in Wimbledon has confirmed the effect on small businesses of the five charity shops in the main shopping area. Margerete Tweed, manager of Dropsilla Fashions has recorded a 5% fall in trade since the Aged and Infirm Cancer Benefit Shop has opened next door. David Tooth has similar statistics to back up his case against the Wounded Children's Healing Fund.

Camilla writes a note "This is all too anecdotal". Charity shops are of course a scandal, undercutting local businesses, but this paper is not good enough. She sighs.

She has a nine o clock appointment with that wide boy Willie Dynham. It was quite clever what he did to French wine, but Camilla remembers him of old. He simply never tells the truth. Some people seem to find this charming, but as far as she is concerned, he is the sort of person who gives Small Business a bad name.

The train slows into Waterloo. Suddenly a foreign workman of some kind attacks an advertisement. Camilla is outraged. She stands up to him. "How could you do that to a perfectly good advertisement?" He simply looks blank, resentful. "That poster creates jobs!" .

He's lost for an answer. Such people always are.

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