Car 4

Mr Ron Busby

Outward appearance

Ronnie Kray? Thick-set man, slick hair, cheeks troubled by Marilyn-like beauty spots. Huge shoulders under camel-coloured overcoat. Copper wrist band, gold(?) watch. Going over papers. Sits with one ankle resting on the opposite knee, both arms firmly occupying the armrests.

Inside information

Busby is going to a stakeholders' meeting at Adventure Capital. Runs a deregulated bus company in West Oxfordshire, a cattle feed processing plant, and several homes. Currently developing a property in Little Scam, Oxon.

What he is doing or thinking

Grumpily reviewing papers for today's meeting, still angry at having his planning application turned down. A year ago he moved into a large farmhouse on the outskirts of Little Scam, redecorated and renamed it The Manor House. The plan was to get clearance to build three new homes in the orchard and sell the entire property with the valuable planning permissions.

Then, attack of the NIMBYs. Middle class farts simply didn't want anyone young or non-U moving into their cottagy paradise. Road use in the village, no development near the 12th century church, etc. He wasn't given permission. He's writing to Douglas Hurd about it.

Suddenly Mr Busby's aerial foot is kicked by someone also suspending his foot in the same way. Busby glowers at him. The man's drunk. At Waterloo both men stand to leave. The idiot bends over and shoves Busby backwards with his bum. Then their briefcases collide. The person sitting next to Busby starts to giggle. Angrily Busby sweeps away, in the opposite direction.

He hates trains. They're full of people.

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