Car 4

Mr Tom McHugh

Outward appearance

Red thinning hair, pale face, shaving rash on neck. Puffy eyed from a hangover. Black tie with lurid broken plates of colour, grey raincoat in a swirl on his lap. Lifts up foot to rest on opposite knee. Kicks foot of passenger opposite. Recrosses legs. Pats pocket. Can't find something. Pulls out bits of paper and an opened condom packet (unused). Finds name badge. Tries to clip it onto shirt. The clip won't close. Stands up to put on raincoat. Staggers and steps full onto the foot of the person across from him. Rain coat caught in the belt at back. Struggles with that and steps on neighbour again. Both trouser legs tucked accidentally into socks at back. Shirt untucked. Tries to tuck it in, but pushes raincoat down back of pants instead. Calvin Klein peeks up over top of belt. Picks up case as man opposite stands. Pushes man backwards with his bottom. Staggers to car doors to get off. Vomits copiously.

Inside information

Works for Beetlehide. Tom doesn't know that he is the original inspiration for Ben Bevis's character in Mind the Gap.

What he is doing or thinking

Vomiting is very inconvenient, a bit annoying when he'd been trying so hard to be organized. He wishes he hadn't drunk quite so many Pimms last night, but he'd thought it was lemonade. A cloud of hangover descends.

Tom notices disconsolately that he's upchucked over passenger 127. He tries to apologise but can't find the words, any words. He is desperate for the train to arrive the Elephant.

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