Car 4

Mr Richard Thurlow

Outward appearance

Delicate face, stringy, tanned, and ruddy. Narrow shouldered but somehow outdoorsy. Wears a suit and a body warmer without sleeves. Squashed sideways by the bulk of the man next to him.

Inside information

Dick is a champion clay shooter. Works in the York Road branch of Lloyds Bank. Lots of friends in Pall Mall Oil with whom he shoots regularly.

What he is doing or thinking

Wishing his neighbour would shrink. He knows the type: self-made man, thumps around the ground, arrogant as hell, is a poor shot, but thinks he's a member of some kind of elite.

It pains him to say it, but manners on the grounds are deteriorating. Only last Saturday, he saw some idiot abusing the young scorers. "I'm not satisfied with the birds!" he shouted. By bullying a youngster, he was allowed to re-shoot the entire stand. It made Dick's blood boil.

Suddenly Dick's eyes clear: the man next to him. It's him. He's the same one. Dick is about to say something when the man's foot is kicked by the fellow opposite him. Serves you right. Then they both stand and the two of them do a Laurel and Hardy routine, bumping bums and cases. Dick makes a point of sniggering nastily. He catches the man's eye. No wonder you have to take it out on children, matey. Idiots like you scare good people away from the sport.

Dick stands up to follow and sees that this man is too short. He's not the same person at all. But Dick is still mad.

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