Car 6

Mr Tony "Wrong Way" Khan

Outward appearance

Angular, handsome young man in a tuxedo and white scarf. Sits in angry silence next to a young woman who looks at him mournfully.

Inside information

The son of the Pakistani lawyer beloved of Georgina Bullen. Tony's father moved back to Britain in 1979 when his English wife became homesick.

Just returned from a wedding in France. Went the wrong way from Waterloo, heading north on the Bakerloo line. Changed at Embankment, and is now heading the right way.

What he is doing or thinking

Why does everything go wrong? He met the woman next to him, Georgina, on the Shuttle on his way to the wedding.

"I'm going to a wedding too!" Georgina said pleased. "What's your friend's name?"

"George," was the answer. "So's mine!" she cried. It was in the same town. They bought Shuttle champagne on the strength of it. They laughed all the way under the Channel, through Paris and to the country train station.

The taxi driver smelled of sweat and couldn't find the address Georgina that gave him. They arrived late and embarrassed. The French bride pressed them with more champagne.

Anthony couldn't find his friend. "Have you seen George?" he kept asking. Georgina replied, mystified. "He was just here."

Finally she dragged him to George. He turned out to be Georges, and French. Anthony was at the wrong wedding. Another taxi ride. Anthony's George had already gone by the time he arrived.

No one bought champagne on the trip back. Now at Waterloo, Georgina stands us to go. "Goodbye?" she says.

It's a question.

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