Car 2

Ms Amanda Stinton

Outward appearance

About 22, short, in black leather jacket and ski pants. Long hair tinged with henna. Her Walkman plays music loudly identifiable as Simply Red.

Inside information

Works in the Pay Unit of the Metropolitan Police HQ. Lives with her parents. Both she and her parents think of her as a wild hoyden. "Fancy Amanda, working for the police," says her mother, who dreams of her daughter doing all sorts of things she never did.

What she is doing or thinking

Amanda is thinking about her affair with a married man in Maintenance. Gary is everything a man should be: masculine, a bit hard. She has to confess that the attraction is mostly sexual.

It was exciting in the beginning. You see this married man and you begin to think: I could have him. But much longer and she'll just be a little mistress, waiting for him to call.

Sunday was the worst. They were supposed to meet up at Gary's mate's. It was so humiliating. She showed up and Gary's friend opened the door and just said. "Gary rang. He can't make it." Then he said, "I'm free as it happens." Oh please. He's a horrible little wanker as well.

Mick Hucknall sings ...Maybe some day, someone will come. Amanda decides. It's going nowhere. She'll end it.

The woman across from her stands up. Oh wow, she's wearing one of those antique slips. People make a big thing about it, but it's just nice lacey material. Amanda salutes her for fashion bravery: more power to you, girl. She decides to do the same.

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