Car 2

Mr Martin Belcher

Outward appearance

Stout, clear-complexioned man about 34, wearing quilted black and red motorcycle gear. Sits with his boot resting on the opposite knee, occupying a fair amount of space. Reading The Independent .

Inside information

Manager of Waterloo Spare Parts, a motorcycle supply store. Usually he motorcycles into work, but it's too cold today. The tube gives him a chance to read the paper.

What he is doing or thinking

Seven millions been paid to Andy Cole to transfer to Manchester ... a Russian journalist has been expelled as a spy.. Tony Blair having a go at the lefties over Clause Four. And Howard has sacked the Governor of Parkhurst jail after the escape and everyone says he's a scapegoat....

Martin reads with satisfaction. Yesterday a real biker came into the shop. Officer class, posh, not pretentious, he wanted a spare part for a Kawasaki ZX. Martin had to laugh. "Sorry, we just do stuff for couriers... You know little Hondas." The guy had biked all the way across Soviet Asia to Mongolia. He was planning to bike up through California and the redwoods, up into Oregon. Martin ached with jealousy and gave him an address for high performance parts.

Martin was just about to feel depressed, when, outside the window, the guy looked both ways up the street. Then he nipped into the massage parlour next next door. Martin's jealousy burst like an ear infection. I suppose he's got performance parts, Martin thought. He grins, and goes back to his newspaper.

The Indy's got a competition for an Alfa Romeo Spider. Things could be looking up.

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