Car 2

Mrs Griselda Stewart

Outward appearance

A television granny. She holds a little girl's hand and helps her step up into the carriage. Mrs Stewart is short, round and comfy, grey jacket, tartan skirt, and a tartan shawl perfectly draped and pinned over her shoulders. Carries a picture book.

Inside information

Down from Scotland to see her granddaughter and make sure the little darling is getting enough attention. Her daughter works all hours in local radio, she's split up with her boyfriend, and who can trust childminders these days?

Amy is a picture, in her pert wee bonnet and a lovely blue dress. She's only four and half but good at her reading. They're going to spend a lovely day out at the motion picture museum.

What she is doing or thinking

Trying to get Amy settled while holding onto her book. There is a real horror sitting on the train, one of those punks. Poor Amy pulls away and no wonder. "Come on Amy," coaxes Mrs Stewart. "Up you go, onto the seat." Mrs Stewart opens the book to distract her. "Read me something, Amy. What's that?" She points, and Amy says, definitely. "Train." She's still staring at that frightful creature.

Mrs Stewart thinks: how can you bring up a child in a place like this? Someone sleeps in the doorway to Angie's flat. She's getting nowhere in that radio station, and I know she's feeling a bit lost. I'm going to put my foot down. She can come back home. There's Stirling nearby, and Gran to help, and we've got such a lovely school in Dunblane.

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