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Dr Agatha Beffont

Outward appearance

A large, round-featured woman with long hair parted in the middle. Everything about her is simple and tidy from the dark green skirt and jacket to her black coat, all of which a trained eye could see is bespoke fashion. She looks, however, somewhat dazed, her mouth awry in a mixture of amusement and horror.

Inside information

The wife of a junior member of the aristocracy who works in the City. She herself is a member of a major branch of the aristocracy. She works for the Department of Health,Elephant and Castle. Noblesse oblige.

What she is doing or thinking

She is remembering this morning's conversation with her daughter's Nanny. Nanny is attractive, bright, 25 with a delectable smile and good manners. This morning she casually mentioned that she had difficulty with her parents.

"Daddy raped me when I was nine," Nanny said, brightly. "I didn't really know what it was. So I dismissed it, I suppose. Except I did rather keep away from him." Dr Beffont expressed the hope that she did. Did she tell anyone? "Oh yes, of course," said the girl. "That's when he tried to kill me."

"Kill you!" exclaimed Agatha. "Mmm Hmm," said the girl nodding happily. "I woke up with my face covered by a pillow."

She sounded so cheerfully normal that Agatha left for work. She is only just remembering that most child abusers were abused themselves. And that her daughter is now alone with her. And nine years old.

To make it a perfect morning, someone then throws up on her.

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