Car 1

Bob "The Knob" Hall

Outward appearance

Skinny, pale 17 year old in black satin jacket with the Nintendo grinning face logo. Jeans, boots. He sits slung across the seat, open legged, listening to nervously rattling drum and bass on his Walkman.

Inside information

Studying print technology at the London College of Printing , Elephant and Castle. On his way to his first class. No books or papers.

What he is doing or thinking

The Walkman plays Dub Culture. Bob is gazing at the crossed ski pants of Passenger 6. Latin pussy, yum. He can see the perfect brown flesh, the slit, the hair; he can almost taste it. Shame she's got her boyfriend with her. Number 8's a bit past it and has no tits, but a woman in leather must be a bit pervy. Though. The dog would probably get in the way. So it's all the way back to Passenger 12. Blonde. She looks like a bloke, but she's got nice skin. I bet she's brown all the way down. Sunlamps and oil. He can feel her skin under his fingertips, smooth with a layer of fat just underneath the surface.

His cock is wet. He has a shift of affections towards himself. Wanking when you want a fuck is boring, but when you want a wank, there's nothing better. He calculates. Can he stand going through the morning before having a wank? He hates doing it at school, he always thinks people can hear under the partitions.

Suddenly he decides: the clean marble loos at Waterloo. The train slows and he stands up. You're only young once, he thinks.

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