Car 1

Ms Lisa Jabokowski

Outward appearance

Mid thirties, long hennaed hair . A strained but carefully made up face. Boy's black leather jacket with quilted shoulders probably from the 1970s -- lots of unnecessary zips. Black jeans, heavy unmarked tan boots. Unusual black leather shirt , low cut to reveal a bony freckled chest. Enters with a dog wearing a spotless new blue body jacket. She sits at end of row next to large bag.

Inside information

Runs a market stall that sells very light,thin silver jewelry -- bracelets, rings.

What she is doing or thinking

She is catching a Network Southeast train to stay with her mother, which she does when she runs out of money. She smokes a lot of dope, listens to a lot of music, but still does not seem to have a good time. The dog is her only real friend. She has it sit up on her lap, and gently strokes it. The beast pants with an air of patient forbearance. It is black, but its greying muzzle matches the old jacket.

Lisa catches her reflection in the window. She has always considered herself to be attractive. That is why selling jewelry was an appropriate occupation, why the black leather jacket is a daring fashion statement. What she sees in the pane of glass is an angular woman with a bitter, thwarted air. She sees her mother. Lisa became wild in order to avoid becoming her mother. Fate and genes seem to close in around her. Is this what happens to us, Mum? She begins to feel some extra sympathy. She gets off at Waterloo.

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