Car 2

This text-only list shows you WHO is in the car, WHERE they are sitting and WHAT are their interests and concerns.

38. ANDRE STANLEY, movies for Jesus
sits opposite
73. MILTON RICHARDS, Jesus and Frank Bruno

39. KEVIN POTTER, Pastel Images and stronger smells
sits opposite
72. HILARY VIALLS, truth and fashion

40. GEORGINA BULLEN, good works, loud mouth
sits opposite
71. ALLAN MARJORAM, personal columns

41. CHRIS GREEN, karate and flowers
sits opposite
70. FLORENCE CASSELL, trouble with minicabs

42. ANNE WARRINGTON, style and substance
sits opposite
69. AMY STEWART, trains and telly

43. KEITH SNOW, zinc, lead and quim
sits opposite
68. GRISELDA STEWART, Scotland and childhood


44. AMANDA STINTON, men and Simply Red
sits opposite
67. SAMANTHA ALLERS, cots and convicts

45. DOREEN GOODMAN, presents of mind
sits opposite
66. JULIE TILDSLEY, a small slip

46. MARTIN PARK, books and bicycles
sits opposite
65. CORRINE TRACY, hair and crabs

47. ASHLEY WATKINS, pride and Tammy Wynette
sits opposite
64. MICHAEL LIPKIN, sex and scripture

48. OLIVIA PARSONS, last night's burglar
sits opposite
63. OLIVER MASKEY, last night's burglar

49. MARTIN BELCHER, bikes and independence
sits opposite
62. MARY AL-MASUDI, cats and bigamy


50. RALPH MOLES, Courage and KY
sits opposite
61. MICHAEL JEROME, shoes and snooze

51. AMINA KHATUN, sons and insurance
sits opposite
60. DIMITRI BELINKOV, gin and tonic

52. ANNIE JEANRENAUD, dead letter office
sits opposite
59. IGOR KLIMOV, tonic and gin

53. EVA SIMMONDS, beauty in the eye
sits opposite
58. RICHARD MAYO, jobs and libel

54. BILLIE HOLIDAY, crossed lines
sits opposite
57. MAGGIE ROLT, love and capital

55. HARRY FREER, graffiti doppelganger
sits opposite
56. SAVI GUPTA, mannequins of fate


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